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July 5th, 2011

Hello! so, today me and my dad went to a sushi restraunt and he started talking about IPv6. Me, not knowing anything about computers, decided to look it up ( I was very bored that Saturday). I found this interesting site called Hurricane Eletric, which wasn’t that bad. It was actually pretty good. However there are a couple draw backs to this site.

For one thing, you have to have a lot of control over your network and servers. If you have a website in a shared hosting environment, you can’t use Hurricane Electric because you need to be able to configure a tunnel, which only a server administrator can do. For another, if you use Firewall, it can get in the way of IPv6 tunnels.

So, basically, if you use something like bluehost or EC2, you can’t use IPv6.

But there is solution. will allow you to add IPv6 connectivity to your site without changing anything on your backend server. Just go to their site, enter your domain name, and they’ll tell you the rest.

So, yeah… That’s how it works!

So, why does ( or should) anyone care about IPv6? Well, nothing major, we’ve just run out of IPv4 (IP) addresses. In the future, people won’t be able to get IP addresses for their websites. If we don’t take IPv6 seriously, people will be forced to share addresses. And if you still don’t care, your video games won’t work without your own IPv6/IPv4 addresses.

Scared yet?

Well, so long!And until the next post!

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June 28th, 2011

Yo. So, I finally fixed my account and I have no ideas about what I’m supposed  to write. Ah, well. I simply wanted to tell you that I only posted out of guilt. I promise to have a post out before August. ^^;

Cyber Bullying

June 23rd, 2011

So, today, I was just looking up some videos to watch when I found this video about Rebecca Black and her, “cyber bullying” problems. This annoyed me for so many reasons.
Here’s the thing: when you were in school, listening to your teachers and other adults striving for a paycheck, you were told how magnificient you were and how no one had the right to judge or criticize you except for your superiors ( Teachers, parents, elders, etc.) They also told you many tragically false ways to deal with cyber bullying, making us naive enough to think we could depend on adults to help us with our internet problems. The truth is we cannot.
When my teacher told me that whenever I got a troll comment, I should report the troll and go run to my mommy and tell her. Well… remember the merry old tale of Jessi Slaughter? She did what all her teachers told her: she ran to her daddy and they made a video. Why?
Well, sit here children and now you’ll hear
the story of J.S and how she was brought to her tears.

One day, a little 11 year old moron decided to make a Youtube series. The internet didn’t like her series, and decided to troll her. Moron McStupid here decided to rebutt the internet, and the almighty Internet  liked that even less. It decided to troll her so much she ran crying and screaming to her daddy, making everything even worse. She became so famous that everyone came to see her videos to troll her . Poor little Moron was driven to never leaving her house again for many, many years and she never had a friend again.

What was the point of this sad tale of Jessi Slaughter? To prove my point: no one can save you from cyber bullying. Once it starts, it will never stop and have driven some to suicide. So how do you prevent this from happening? Well, the answer is simple, really: it still is, however, very long.

The internet generally has one big opinion: whether or not you agree with its opinion doesn’t matter. The internet will go on and trample you on its way. Many people have tried to disagree with this opinion and all ended up like Jessi Slaughter. Not all bothered to disagree, some just decided to make themselves easy targets, like the Stop Calling Me a Homo kid.  So what’s the best way to avoid being the next Jessi Slaughter?Simple, really.

Avoid internet profiles entirely.

Go ahead, read a blog. Watch a video. Try and keep track of someone on Twitter without following him/her. Just don’t make any accounts. Don’t post any comments, post any videos, don’t dislike or like any videos, just don’t make any identity on the internet, just be a shadow, a spectator watching in silence, sitting while no one takes notice of you. Why?

The answer is probably the most complex thing here: it’s the Everyone is a Judge system. Whenever you post something on the internet, from a comment to a facebook app, everyone who sees it automatically earns the right to judge you and say whatever they want to you. However, the minute you post your judgement, people will judge you, and the process goes on. If the general opinion from judges is positive, 99% of your comments and responses will be positive, and vice-versa. If judges like you, they will shower you with praise and tell you how wonderful you are, but if they don’t like you, they will tell you to die horrible, painful deaths.

So, my advice to Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, Stepanie Meyer, and other unlikable celebrities, the best way to get people to stop hating you is to go away and never rear your ugly head again. For those who want to be internet celebrities or normal famous people, just remember: no matter who you are, the internet will judge you. And if the internet doesn’t like you, prepare to be a modern day Jessi Slaughter.

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Hellsing Abridged

June 11th, 2011

OMG THIS IS SOOO FUNNY I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!!! It’ll only make sense if you watch Hellsing, but it’s still really funny.


May 22nd, 2011

A few people have messaged me recently that I should post more regularly, and that if I did that, I could be a much more popular blogger. I, however, will not post more regularly. My motto about blogging now is, ” Quality over quantity,” I’m tired of trying to get out an article every week and just end up rambling about how I epicly failed to complete my homework. Which brings me to the topic of this post.

I. HATE. TWITTER. I shall repeat.


The reason is simple: it’s useless. Do you know why movies are often very different than real life? Because real life is boring. Which is why I was always baffled by Twitter. Twitter is nothing but a popularity contest,  a way to show how much better you are than me. Now, we all have partaken in this contest. If you vlog on Youtube, have a Facebook, have a Quizilla, or really any internet profile, and you’ve partaken in this popularity contest. But unlike Twitter, they offer something. Deviantart allows you to promote yourself and art, Youtube allows you to show opinions,  Facebook lets you keep track of your friends, and Twitter allows you to say when you are eating nachos on the toilet.

Twitter is also a gigantic waste of money. What urks me the most about Twitter is celebrity Twitters. This is just another way for them to promote themselves. I’m sick of this because celebrities are already famous: they’re all over T.V, they’re on tabloids, and they’re on fansites. So, it’s very clear that they don’t need to be even more famous.

Now, I’m not talking about celebrities who Tweet just because they can. No, I’m talking about the ones that are paid to Tweet. YOu heard me. There are people out there who get paid THOUSANDS of dollars to post 180 characters.

I love cats because they’re so cute hahaha anyway I’m eating nachos but theyre not good cause theyve got alot of cheese and no jalapenos.

See? People get paid $200,000 to write that. Sigh….

Well, I’ve got to go. So long. And until the next rant.

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Rant on Lady Gaga

May 14th, 2011

Now, I can make an educated guess on what you’re thinking: What’s wrong with Lady Gaga? She’s exactly the kind of variety we need! She brings all this fresh new material to the table! NO. She doesn’t. Her music isn’t new or full of variety at all. Her music is the same old tired techno-dance that has flooded the pop charts and convinced me, a once dedicated pop listener, to throw up my hands and give up. Her music is all the same. Everyone I asked about says that maybe her old stuff was cliché, but “Born This Way” will change everything. Bull. Crap. A lot of singers have made pick-me-up songs, and Lady Gaga made it as well. “Born This Way” had terrible production and a bad tune. It was also blatant in the audience target and not sensitive about it.

Anyway, I think what annoys me most about Lady Gaga is that there is no reason why Gaga should dress and act the way she does. It’s just another way to get more people to buy her albums. It makes people feel unique, when in reality they’re being about as unique as a sheet of paper. Perhaps that is way I am annoyed by her. She is in a way taking advantage of people’s desire to be their own person. Really, people, the only way to be unique is to be you. So long, and until the next rant.

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Justin Bieber Haters

May 11th, 2011

Yeah…….. This again. Don’t get me wrong: I hate Justin Bieber… ‘s music. I dislike Justin Bieber as a person, but that’s not related to this. There has been a rather stupid child who mad two rather stupid videos. He closed his account, but I saw the commentaries and let me say it was HI. LARIOUS. But moving on.

A lot of people have been telling me to, “Stop hating on Justin Bieber and learn to appreciate his genius, you tasteless jerk!!!!” And yes, that is a real quote. I have fixed a bit of the spelling for the sake of your eyes. Well, on this subject, I refuse to conform. Justin Bieber is a terrible artist, up there with Katy Perry and Ke-dollar sign-ha. Here are some reasons why.

#1  His music is generic and same sounding.

Yes I have listened to his music. Yes, I have listened multiple times. Yes, I really sat there in my spare time and looked at it ( sadly making me hate it even more). No, I still don’t like it. Why? Perhaps it’s the fact that I mostly listen to metal now, but it is also because of the fact that Justin Bieber’s music is awfully same-sounding. All his songs are about being in love with a girl. Now Marilyn Manson, one of my favourite bands of all time, has plenty of variety in his music. Yes, he wrote a song about being in love. But he also wrote about drugs, American culture, conformity, religion, and various other topics. Motionless in White has written about heartbreak, insanity, social rejection, witch hunts, and religion.

His music is also very generic. It’s just another song about love at first sight, love, blah blah…… Even when Marilyn Manson was almost contractually obligated to write the most cliché type song there is, he found a way to make it original. His love song was about a social outcast who falls in love and the (negative) effects it takes on his mental health. Fail, Bieber. Fail.

#2 His voice

Like Chicago’s front man, Justin Bieber’s voice annoys the crap out of me. It’s so high pitched and whiny I got a headache from one song. Ugh…

#3 His arrogance

Apparently Just Beiber is so arrogant it even shows in his songs. He repeats his name over and over and has a somewhat narcissistic tone in his songs, particularly “Baby Baby” in which he bodly announces, ” I know you love me,” However, whenever I’m forced to listen to this song, I can always amuse myself by imagining how that scene in real life would have played out. :D

JB: I know you love me!

Me: …… What?

JB: I know you care!

Me: I don’t know you……

Jb: Just holler for me!

Me: Um……

JB: I’ll be right there!

Me:… Are you implying that you know where I live?……

Also, he uses the word, “Belebier,” every now and then, someh=what implying he is a religious figure or should be seen as one, if you think about it.

#4 HIs lyrics

Ennie Meenie Miny Moe Lover. Look it up.

And those were some reasons why I hate Justin Bieber. So long, and until the next post!

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Top 10 Anime List

April 21st, 2011

WARNING: If you do not like anime, please do not post a comment about it. This is just my opinion and you are free to post your top ten in the comment section. This also contains some major spoilers.

# 10 Naruto

Naruto is not a modern masterpiece, but it was good for what it was worth. The reason why it’s so low on the list is because of all the fillers, which it is well known for. It’s also kiddish and Naruto’s voice sounded like he smoked to much ( a running gag in the Naruto abridged series) The reason why it’s on the list at all is because it did have some really well done scenes/episodes, like Haku’s death. Surprisingly enough, I actually cried a little when I saw it. My friend was positively weeping, and when both those things happen, you know it was a damn good episode. It also had an amazing theme called “Sadness and Sorrow”, an excellent piece for the piano or flute.

# 9 Ah! My Goddess

I know, I know, this was a really popular series and deserves a higher spot on the list, but I haven’t actually finished the series, so I can’t really judge yet, but it still deserves a spot on this list, even if it is incredibly low.

#8 Tri Gun

This is also pretty low on the list because I haven’t finished the series. But it’s also because of lack of exposition. From what I’ve seen, there isn’t much exposition and some things are underdeveloped, but there were a lot of funny scenes, interesting characters, and good moments that were developed.

#7 Fruits Basket

Fruits basket is a legitimately funny comedy, but it doesn’t really live up to the manga. One gag that could’ve been used in the series ( and wisely was not) is that the Yuki and Kyo ( and Hatsu Haru and Momijii, I suppose) get hugged and Touru has to save them. For those who have never watched Fruits Basket, whenever a member of the Souma family get hugged by a member of the opposite gender or get sick or have their bodies under serious stress, they turn into a specified animal from the Chinese zodiac. However, this gag was used only a few times in the series and instead got there humour from the characters actions, rather than relying on a predictable gag that would have worn out its welcome very quickly.  The problem with this series is that plot points are either adequately explained or not explained at all.

#6 Hell Girl

Hell Girl was a good and incredibly interesting series with some good elements. The thing is, this series is kinda hit-and-miss when it comes to the episodes. This series could have easily made number two, but unfortunetaly the ending kind of ruined the series. There are also some pretty illogical decisions made at times, like how Ai is starting to doubt that her  job as being an avenger is morally just. Dude, God made you take the job in the first place, I don’t think you get much of a say. Also, you’ve been killing and sending people to Hell for over 500 years, what made you so doubtful now? s Also, some characters like Ionawa (sp) who should get way more screen time than he had. He was legitimately interesting, yet we had no clue who he is.

#5 Kuroshitsuji

Ah, Kuroshitsuji, a masterpiece in of itself and a delight to watch, with an interesting plot and likeable characters. It was dramatic, sad, and all around a good watch. So why isn’t it higher on the list? As I said in one of my previous posts, Kuroshitsuji plays keep-away with us. It has so many interesting villains with severe cases of Convertible Syndrome, and you are just praying they turn into good guys because you know they’re going to die otherwise. The only time they did take advantage of this is with a Hell Hound named Pltuo ( Ha ha ha…), which they ruined by killing at the end of season one. Also, it didn’t live up to the manga. I blame this on the fact that only volumes 1-5 ( I’m estimating) were out at the time the series began, but I digress.

#4 XXXHoLic

XXXHoLic was a very good series with interesting characters, development, and wonderful plots ( the series was very episodic) The problem is that while there was lots of development int he places that needed it and was indeed very good development, there were some places that need it. This is best shown in the movie, when the villain has been collecting souls of collectors to create the ultimate collection for over twenty years,  and he hasn’t aged a second. His sister, however, did.

Well? Aren’t you going to explain? No? Fine, you’ll just get #4 on my top ten list then. >:P Seriously though, his situation was never explained.

#3 Death Note

Death Note was one of the best anime series I have ever watched. So why is it number three? Because they killed L.  UNFORGIVABLE! But at least they didn’t kill Matsuda. Then this series wouldn’t even be on this list at all.

#2 Code Geass/ Cowboy Bebop

Code Geass was magnificent, from start to end. Wonderful development, magnificent characterization, wondrous plot and plot twists, inhumanly good voice acting (in the Japanese dubbed version, anyway…) and possibly the best conclusion any series could possibly even dream for.

Cowboy Bebop is the same deal, but it’s the exact opposite in terms of voice acting. The English version had inhumanly good dubbing and the Japanese subbed version had the exceptional dubbing. So what could have beat these excellent series?

#1 Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist in two words: Inhumanly good. Excellent. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood  had the tension of Death Note, the exciting plot twists of Code Geass, well-done action scenes the equivalent of Cowboy Bebop, voice acting like Cowboy Bebop, characterization and character development of Inu Yasha, and much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, apply to the forehead, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more.

Well, that was my top ten list, so so long! And until the next post!

P.S I won’t be posting for a little bit, so please be patient for the next post!

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How to Create a Good Rant (H.C.G.R)

April 19th, 2011

Hello everyone! I have decided to post my take on how to post a good rant. Enjoy!

Step 1: Make sure your voice isn’t annoying

If you must make a video rant and can’t possibly make do with a written one, make sure your voice isn’t annoying. Don’t sound like PimpinDMaster or no one will take you seriously and no one will listen to you. I don’t about you, but I don’t like listening to spontaneous rasping from a guy who sound like he had broken glass for breakfast, brushed his teeth will a sauntering iron, and used a cup of nails for mouth wash.

Step 2: Pick a subject

This step is actually harder than it sounds. You have to be careful what you pick to rant about or you’ll just sound whiny.

Step 3: Don’t rant about anime.

The reason why is simple enough: 1) you will be trolled 2) It is a genre. You can’t rant about genres.

In fairness, this should’ve been titled don’t rant about genres, but I digress. The only way you can rant about a genre is if you’ve read every book, read every fanfic, watched every movie, and know every single filthy detail about a genre before you can actually rant about it. And that’s assuming you haven’t come across anything you liked.

Step 4: Inserting images

If you’re not actually going to film yourself and instead record, inserting images throught the video will be necessary. Starring at a black screen is distracting and boring. No one will focus on what you’re saying.

The images you put in your video can’t be something like random Gary Larson comic strips, they have to be relevant to what you’re talking about. There are going to be some situations where there really aren’t any pictures lying around the internet relevant to your situation, but if you want, you can doodle something on Office Paint. Other than that, show something like a slide with examples or something. Just be creative and don’t overkill.

Step 5: Write your script/edit

Yeah, this step is pretty straight forward. There are some people out there who don’t need actual scripts and can do everything with some bullet points, a general idea what his/her rant is going to be like, and a camera/microphone. However, if you are like me, you need a script. Once you have written it, check for errors so that you will have a smaller chance of stumbling during your recording.

Step 6: Have some ground

This step is also pretty straight forward. To rant about something, you must actually 1) have reasons and 2) know what you are talking about.

SPECIAL TIP!!!! Don’t rant about things from other unknown cultures.

In order to avoid looking like a racist jerk, don’t talk about things from a culture you don’t know about. Like Linkara said, “ I just don’t have enough background knowledge…. mangas are from a different culture with different standards than ours.” Even if you’re not reviewing manga, you still need to know what you’re talking about, otherwise you’ll just come off as whiny.

SPECIAL TIP!!!! Look back at your 6th grade notes

Surprisingly enough, this does help. I don’t know about any other grades, but in 6th grade you had to learn about how to write a persuasive essay. Rants and persuasive essays are one and the same. Rants, like persuasive essays, are meant to convince others to see it your way and agree with your opinion. Like a persuasive essay, your rant needs structure. You can’t randomly spout reasons why something is awful, and you can’t just say, “ this sucks. I hate this. This is soooo stupid,” That’s the point of a freaking rant! You’re supposed to talk about something and convince other people it’s awful. Also, check your reasoning and evidence. It might not be as concrete as you think. Also, check to see if your reasons are to broad. You need to say how something sucks, what’s wrong with something, etc., etc.

Well, that was my take on how to create a good rant. Bye! :)

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Top 5 Wasted Characters

April 18th, 2011

#5 Matt ( Death Note)

The reason why Matt is so low on the list is because he only got about ten minutes of screen time and about ten-thirteen panels in the manga. In any case, he was an interesting character and deserved more screen time than he got.

#4 Haku (Naruto

Haku is pretty low on the list mainly because he got waaaay more screen time than Matt and his death actually lasted an entire episode. This normally doesn’t happen for minor characters, let alone minor villains. In any case, he has what I like to call Convertible Syndrome. This is where a character could easily become a good guy and is a person you WANT to see become a good guy because you know that if s/he doesn’t s/he will die. In any case, my only guess as to why his death lasted a full episode is simply because the staff of the show knew they were wasting such a wonderful character. This was a once-every-few-years type good character. His story was complex, he had flaws but was still likeable, and just an enjoyable character.

#3 Rem ( Death Note)

Rem is much higher on the list because while she was a minor character and got a lot of screen time, she’s never really acknowledged. Even if she is in a scene her weird appearance just doesn’t draw any attention to her. She’s like a person in the background when watching a main character go down a street. You don’t really notice them unless they start talking to the main character. This is what happened with Rem. Unless she’s talking to you, you don’t really notice her, and even then, she’s kind of forgettable. She’s awesome, but just not that recognisable. Ryuk, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Rem in every way, from colour scheme  to personality. Ryuk is always memorable down to the mundane details, like apples to shinigami are what cigarettes and alcohol are to humans. You never forget anything he says and now matter how tiny he is in the background you always see him.

#2 Hakudoshi( Inu Yasha)

Hakudoshi should probably be much lower on this list than he is, but I think it’s his death that pisses me off about him. His death was rushed and unnecessary and had a severe, SEVERE case of Convertible Syndrome. It would have been so easy to convert him, you could have done it with your eyes shut. I guess that’s what annoys me about him, he’s just so interesting and was a complete waste.

#1 Drocell ( Kuroshitsuji)

Drocell is number one on this list for one simple, simple reason: Kuroshitsuji played keep-away with us. They said, ” You want this awesome, complex character? Huh, huh? You want ‘im? Well, SCREW YOU, YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!!!”  He was so interesting, so awesome, and so under-used and disgracefully killed off, if I had to make a top ten anime list, Kuroshitsuji would be knocked down at least two spots from the number three spot. It was so demeaing how rushed Drocell’s death was, it boredered insulting.

Well, hopd in enjoyed my list, and until the next post!

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