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It’s been a while! :D

December 30th, 2010

I haven’t posted in a long time, but I have a good reason!

I didn’t want to.

Just kidding! :D

But seriously, I have been trying to figure out how to work the new pages, which I’m sure will be a smash hit! And by “smash hit” I mean total failure. I’m fairly certain the new pages will be ignored by the general public. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m having quite the dilemma here. My mom wants to go to Smart and Final and I have to decide: Do I want Tom Yum Gai for lunch, or do I want KFC?

Oh, the horror!

Well, anyway, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have nothing better to do! So I might as well stay here!

I really need to re-think my life.

Weeeeeelllll, bye! :D

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Hm…. what to post……

December 21st, 2010

Being terribly bored with nothing to do, I’ve decided to give you all advice: If you drop anything sweet on the floor, VACUUM IMMEDIATELY. ANTS WILL COME AND RAID YOUR EFFING HOUSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

We appoligize for that slight mental break down. We now return you to your blog post.

Sorry. What I meant to say is that ants will come and colonize wherever you dropped the food, and you will not notice them until they are crawling up your legs. Usually they wait until there are about…… oh…. 5000 of them. Seriously.

Anyway,  the new page is coming soon people! Just wait a few days… hours. It should be up by tomorrow. ( Note- This does not mean anything interesting will be on it tomorrow. This just means I’ll have the page created.)

Well, be healthy, keep reading, and for everybody else: Please unblock me :,( XD

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Da de dum de dum de da, da da da,da da da……

December 17th, 2010

So, what up, people? I am extremely bored, have nothing to type about, and am anxious for sixth grade camp. Hm, I wonder what I should type about….

Ooh! I know! My friend showed me this sentence generator thingy, and I made my own version so…. here it is! :D


Choose the month and day you were born ( May 13th, August 22nd, etc., etc.) and the color shirt you’re wearing. If the color of the shirt you are wearing is not on the list, pick another color on the list. Piece the fragments together to make a sentence. Add the words in parenthesis if necessary.


January: I earased

February: I loved

March: I smiled at

April: I yelled at

May: I frowned at

June: I tricked

July: I farted

August: I created

September: I pooped

October: I licked

November: I ate

December: I siphoned


1st: (my) pillow

2nd: (my) blanket

3rd: (my) sheets

4th: (my) paper

5th: pens

6th: poop

7th: Big Bird

8th: Santa Clause

9th: my Mom

10th: iPod

11th: Barbie

12th: purple ponies

13th: the E.L.T

14th: yellow snow

15th: Barny

16th: pink unicorns

17th: Elmo

18th: pillow pets

19th: Daniel Radcliffe

20th: the E.L.T

21st: Miley Cyrus

22nd: puke

23rd: pee

24th: POGO STICKS!!!!!

25th: homework

26th: Winnie the Pooh

27th: Erica

28th: Yvette

29th: teeth

30th: pie

31st: my creepy stuffed animal


Red: because I iz smrtz!

Blue: because I’m in love

Purple: because the voices told me to…..

Pink: ’cause I have mental problems! :D

Black: because that’s the kinda stuff I do now!

Green: because it saved the world.

Yellow: because it’s none of your business.

Orange: because pink ponies gave me wowwipops!

Grey: because I’m nobody. Who are you?

White: because… um… Hey look! A bird!

Brown: because the toast flossed my toes and I owe them a favor.

Rainbow: because I’m AWESOME!!!!!

Well, bye! :D

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New Abridged Series!!!!! ……. Yippe……

December 12th, 2010

Yellow, everyone! It’s great to be back and posting! NO, I didn’t go anywhere, I just didn’t have any better greeting.

Wait! I just thought up a good one! Let me start over. ^^;

Hi, everyone! I’ve been very bored as of late and I decided to make an abridged series of the show Grandchild of Nur… Nuriro….. The Grandchild of the Supreme Commander of The Parade of 100 demons. No, it’s not as stupid as it sounds. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to Google how to spell Nuri….. Nuriyon….. something.

“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ 1 hour Later““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

Ah, here we are! Grandchild of Nurarihyon! It was an excellent series! And it still is! :D

Anyway, I’m making an abridged version of this series and am telling it to you now so that you wil know. The only problem is that I am seemingly determined not to rewatch the series until I actually finish it. And get a voice recorder thing. Huh. It might be a long time before I release the first episode. Don’t hold your breath, people.

On that note, goodbye! :D

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Debts to Friend Ya Don’ Wanna Pay

December 10th, 2010

We all have had to pay a debt sometime, in fact, we all will/have. ( Taxes :( ) Anyway, today at school I forgot my English book, which normally isn’t a problem. It is so useful to forget this book that I purposefully “forget” it anyway. However, today, we needed it for homework. Oh, the joys.
Anyway, I forgot it, so my friend e-mailed me the questions and I just answered them the best I could without the book. So for a while, I was perfectly happy, until I remembered; One day, she’ll make me pay her back.
I’m particularly glad she doesn’t know I have a blog. Or rather, I was until I remembered I e-mailed it to her just before typing this post. Crap in a bucket, as Marik from YGOTAS would oh-so-gracefully say.
Anyway, you know that feeling of dread you get when you owe someone and you REALLY don’t wanna pay up? Well, I’m feeling that right now. So, I’m bored as heck, this entry has no point, and I’m quoting YGOTAS. Wow.
Ayway, I gotta do homework, so if I feel like it, I’ll continue this later, Bye! :D

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[ Insert awesome post title here]

December 5th, 2010

LOL, best blog title ever! So anyway, I wonder what I should write…..
Hm…… I am exceptionally bored today….. OOH! I KNOW!!!
Announcement: Soon, I might start a YouTube series called “Rants of a Lonely Otaku” because I failed to come up with a better name. A thousand pardons.
Anyway, I don’t have a camera for this, so until then, I’m just going to put my scripts here, some how…. I will get a camera soon, though.
So, here it is
Rant of a Lonely Otaku Preview: Stupid Trends and Popular Phrases
Hi! You know what’s the one thing a loner nerd like me never understood? Stupid trends and popular phrases like “lawl” Is too hard to say LOL, and why would you even say LOL at all? I mean, is it to much work to laugh? And what’s with trends these days? For the most part it’s mini skirts, short shorts, capris, and plaid shirts. How many plaid shirts are you willing to buy for this dumb trend and what will you do with them once they go out of fashion? Because I still remember the day when sweat pants were in style and I can’t help but wonder how parents feel about all this and what they do with the clothes later because I’m the only person who wears sweat pants, like, ever. And I never wear plaid shirts. Also, about the sweat pants, people wore those because they were comfortable and if the right ones were worn, look nice. Now anyone at school who bothers to keep up with the trends barely remember sweat pants at all. And also, every tri-mester, the trend changes. Some people don’t bother keep up at all because the trends are a waste of money and get increasingly stupid, I mean, the only one trend I like was last year’s trend with the sweat pants and tee.
Also, I only just noticed, but before Hannah Montana’s movie where she wore plaid a lot, I don’t think I ever saw or heard of someone at school wearing a plaid shirt. Is there a connection, or just a coincedence?
Next topic…. no….. not this either… this is next episode…. ah, here it is! Stupid phrases and what they COULD mean! I shall start with the basic rule of communication: chatroom phrases are for chatrooms and the internet in general, not in the real world. If you went to a job interview and said “G2G” that interviewer wouldn’t hire you, most likely because he or she doesn’t understand what the phrase “G2G” means. Next stupid phrases is “Lawl” I already discussed this in the beginning of the episode, but “lawl” is not funny, nor a clever abreviation. I use the phrase “lawl” on YouTube commebnts, but NOT WHEN I’M TALKING. TO REAL. PEOPLE. Seriously. “lawl” is a very stupid thing to say anywhere. Unless you are at an anime club or something to do with fellow nerds, “lawl” will never make you sound intelligent. Now, I know since most of my viewers are probably adults, most of you will think this: “ Hm, this little kid is using the terms “lawl” I know! I’ll use this phrase to communicate wioth my daughter better!” And this is what will most likely happen if YOU DON’T. LISTEN. TO WHAT I. AM. SAYING.

Mom: Oh, that was funny, lawl!
————————————— * What Child Heard*———————————-
Mom: Oh, that was so funny, head roll!

Because unless your child is some kind of outcast, s/he will not know what that means and will probably associate “lawl” with the term “head roll” because that is what it sounds like.

Trainer on T.V: Now, let’s move on to excersize 5: The Lawl

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say, so…. yeah. Bye! :D

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Lilium Music Box

December 4th, 2010

Hey! To anybody who likes Elfen Lied or likes the song Lilium, someone is selling the music box version. I’ll include the link somewhere.

Wow, was that really the highlight of my day? How sad….. Well, I have not much else to post. K’bye!

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