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May 22nd, 2011

A few people have messaged me recently that I should post more regularly, and that if I did that, I could be a much more popular blogger. I, however, will not post more regularly. My motto about blogging now is, ” Quality over quantity,” I’m tired of trying to get out an article every week and just end up rambling about how I epicly failed to complete my homework. Which brings me to the topic of this post.

I. HATE. TWITTER. I shall repeat.


The reason is simple: it’s useless. Do you know why movies are often very different than real life? Because real life is boring. Which is why I was always baffled by Twitter. Twitter is nothing but a popularity contest,  a way to show how much better you are than me. Now, we all have partaken in this contest. If you vlog on Youtube, have a Facebook, have a Quizilla, or really any internet profile, and you’ve partaken in this popularity contest. But unlike Twitter, they offer something. Deviantart allows you to promote yourself and art, Youtube allows you to show opinions,  Facebook lets you keep track of your friends, and Twitter allows you to say when you are eating nachos on the toilet.

Twitter is also a gigantic waste of money. What urks me the most about Twitter is celebrity Twitters. This is just another way for them to promote themselves. I’m sick of this because celebrities are already famous: they’re all over T.V, they’re on tabloids, and they’re on fansites. So, it’s very clear that they don’t need to be even more famous.

Now, I’m not talking about celebrities who Tweet just because they can. No, I’m talking about the ones that are paid to Tweet. YOu heard me. There are people out there who get paid THOUSANDS of dollars to post 180 characters.

I love cats because they’re so cute hahaha anyway I’m eating nachos but theyre not good cause theyve got alot of cheese and no jalapenos.

See? People get paid $200,000 to write that. Sigh….

Well, I’ve got to go. So long. And until the next rant.

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Rant on Lady Gaga

May 14th, 2011

Now, I can make an educated guess on what you’re thinking: What’s wrong with Lady Gaga? She’s exactly the kind of variety we need! She brings all this fresh new material to the table! NO. She doesn’t. Her music isn’t new or full of variety at all. Her music is the same old tired techno-dance that has flooded the pop charts and convinced me, a once dedicated pop listener, to throw up my hands and give up. Her music is all the same. Everyone I asked about says that maybe her old stuff was cliché, but “Born This Way” will change everything. Bull. Crap. A lot of singers have made pick-me-up songs, and Lady Gaga made it as well. “Born This Way” had terrible production and a bad tune. It was also blatant in the audience target and not sensitive about it.

Anyway, I think what annoys me most about Lady Gaga is that there is no reason why Gaga should dress and act the way she does. It’s just another way to get more people to buy her albums. It makes people feel unique, when in reality they’re being about as unique as a sheet of paper. Perhaps that is way I am annoyed by her. She is in a way taking advantage of people’s desire to be their own person. Really, people, the only way to be unique is to be you. So long, and until the next rant.

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Justin Bieber Haters

May 11th, 2011

Yeah…….. This again. Don’t get me wrong: I hate Justin Bieber… ‘s music. I dislike Justin Bieber as a person, but that’s not related to this. There has been a rather stupid child who mad two rather stupid videos. He closed his account, but I saw the commentaries and let me say it was HI. LARIOUS. But moving on.

A lot of people have been telling me to, “Stop hating on Justin Bieber and learn to appreciate his genius, you tasteless jerk!!!!” And yes, that is a real quote. I have fixed a bit of the spelling for the sake of your eyes. Well, on this subject, I refuse to conform. Justin Bieber is a terrible artist, up there with Katy Perry and Ke-dollar sign-ha. Here are some reasons why.

#1  His music is generic and same sounding.

Yes I have listened to his music. Yes, I have listened multiple times. Yes, I really sat there in my spare time and looked at it ( sadly making me hate it even more). No, I still don’t like it. Why? Perhaps it’s the fact that I mostly listen to metal now, but it is also because of the fact that Justin Bieber’s music is awfully same-sounding. All his songs are about being in love with a girl. Now Marilyn Manson, one of my favourite bands of all time, has plenty of variety in his music. Yes, he wrote a song about being in love. But he also wrote about drugs, American culture, conformity, religion, and various other topics. Motionless in White has written about heartbreak, insanity, social rejection, witch hunts, and religion.

His music is also very generic. It’s just another song about love at first sight, love, blah blah…… Even when Marilyn Manson was almost contractually obligated to write the most cliché type song there is, he found a way to make it original. His love song was about a social outcast who falls in love and the (negative) effects it takes on his mental health. Fail, Bieber. Fail.

#2 His voice

Like Chicago’s front man, Justin Bieber’s voice annoys the crap out of me. It’s so high pitched and whiny I got a headache from one song. Ugh…

#3 His arrogance

Apparently Just Beiber is so arrogant it even shows in his songs. He repeats his name over and over and has a somewhat narcissistic tone in his songs, particularly “Baby Baby” in which he bodly announces, ” I know you love me,” However, whenever I’m forced to listen to this song, I can always amuse myself by imagining how that scene in real life would have played out. :D

JB: I know you love me!

Me: …… What?

JB: I know you care!

Me: I don’t know you……

Jb: Just holler for me!

Me: Um……

JB: I’ll be right there!

Me:… Are you implying that you know where I live?……

Also, he uses the word, “Belebier,” every now and then, someh=what implying he is a religious figure or should be seen as one, if you think about it.

#4 HIs lyrics

Ennie Meenie Miny Moe Lover. Look it up.

And those were some reasons why I hate Justin Bieber. So long, and until the next post!

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