Top 5 Wasted Characters

#5 Matt ( Death Note)

The reason why Matt is so low on the list is because he only got about ten minutes of screen time and about ten-thirteen panels in the manga. In any case, he was an interesting character and deserved more screen time than he got.

#4 Haku (Naruto

Haku is pretty low on the list mainly because he got waaaay more screen time than Matt and his death actually lasted an entire episode. This normally doesn’t happen for minor characters, let alone minor villains. In any case, he has what I like to call Convertible Syndrome. This is where a character could easily become a good guy and is a person you WANT to see become a good guy because you know that if s/he doesn’t s/he will die. In any case, my only guess as to why his death lasted a full episode is simply because the staff of the show knew they were wasting such a wonderful character. This was a once-every-few-years type good character. His story was complex, he had flaws but was still likeable, and just an enjoyable character.

#3 Rem ( Death Note)

Rem is much higher on the list because while she was a minor character and got a lot of screen time, she’s never really acknowledged. Even if she is in a scene her weird appearance just doesn’t draw any attention to her. She’s like a person in the background when watching a main character go down a street. You don’t really notice them unless they start talking to the main character. This is what happened with Rem. Unless she’s talking to you, you don’t really notice her, and even then, she’s kind of forgettable. She’s awesome, but just not that recognisable. Ryuk, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Rem in every way, from colour scheme  to personality. Ryuk is always memorable down to the mundane details, like apples to shinigami are what cigarettes and alcohol are to humans. You never forget anything he says and now matter how tiny he is in the background you always see him.

#2 Hakudoshi( Inu Yasha)

Hakudoshi should probably be much lower on this list than he is, but I think it’s his death that pisses me off about him. His death was rushed and unnecessary and had a severe, SEVERE case of Convertible Syndrome. It would have been so easy to convert him, you could have done it with your eyes shut. I guess that’s what annoys me about him, he’s just so interesting and was a complete waste.

#1 Drocell ( Kuroshitsuji)

Drocell is number one on this list for one simple, simple reason: Kuroshitsuji played keep-away with us. They said, ” You want this awesome, complex character? Huh, huh? You want ‘im? Well, SCREW YOU, YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!!!”  He was so interesting, so awesome, and so under-used and disgracefully killed off, if I had to make a top ten anime list, Kuroshitsuji would be knocked down at least two spots from the number three spot. It was so demeaing how rushed Drocell’s death was, it boredered insulting.

Well, hopd in enjoyed my list, and until the next post!

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