How to Create a Good Rant (H.C.G.R)

Hello everyone! I have decided to post my take on how to post a good rant. Enjoy!

Step 1: Make sure your voice isn’t annoying

If you must make a video rant and can’t possibly make do with a written one, make sure your voice isn’t annoying. Don’t sound like PimpinDMaster or no one will take you seriously and no one will listen to you. I don’t about you, but I don’t like listening to spontaneous rasping from a guy who sound like he had broken glass for breakfast, brushed his teeth will a sauntering iron, and used a cup of nails for mouth wash.

Step 2: Pick a subject

This step is actually harder than it sounds. You have to be careful what you pick to rant about or you’ll just sound whiny.

Step 3: Don’t rant about anime.

The reason why is simple enough: 1) you will be trolled 2) It is a genre. You can’t rant about genres.

In fairness, this should’ve been titled don’t rant about genres, but I digress. The only way you can rant about a genre is if you’ve read every book, read every fanfic, watched every movie, and know every single filthy detail about a genre before you can actually rant about it. And that’s assuming you haven’t come across anything you liked.

Step 4: Inserting images

If you’re not actually going to film yourself and instead record, inserting images throught the video will be necessary. Starring at a black screen is distracting and boring. No one will focus on what you’re saying.

The images you put in your video can’t be something like random Gary Larson comic strips, they have to be relevant to what you’re talking about. There are going to be some situations where there really aren’t any pictures lying around the internet relevant to your situation, but if you want, you can doodle something on Office Paint. Other than that, show something like a slide with examples or something. Just be creative and don’t overkill.

Step 5: Write your script/edit

Yeah, this step is pretty straight forward. There are some people out there who don’t need actual scripts and can do everything with some bullet points, a general idea what his/her rant is going to be like, and a camera/microphone. However, if you are like me, you need a script. Once you have written it, check for errors so that you will have a smaller chance of stumbling during your recording.

Step 6: Have some ground

This step is also pretty straight forward. To rant about something, you must actually 1) have reasons and 2) know what you are talking about.

SPECIAL TIP!!!! Don’t rant about things from other unknown cultures.

In order to avoid looking like a racist jerk, don’t talk about things from a culture you don’t know about. Like Linkara said, “ I just don’t have enough background knowledge…. mangas are from a different culture with different standards than ours.” Even if you’re not reviewing manga, you still need to know what you’re talking about, otherwise you’ll just come off as whiny.

SPECIAL TIP!!!! Look back at your 6th grade notes

Surprisingly enough, this does help. I don’t know about any other grades, but in 6th grade you had to learn about how to write a persuasive essay. Rants and persuasive essays are one and the same. Rants, like persuasive essays, are meant to convince others to see it your way and agree with your opinion. Like a persuasive essay, your rant needs structure. You can’t randomly spout reasons why something is awful, and you can’t just say, “ this sucks. I hate this. This is soooo stupid,” That’s the point of a freaking rant! You’re supposed to talk about something and convince other people it’s awful. Also, check your reasoning and evidence. It might not be as concrete as you think. Also, check to see if your reasons are to broad. You need to say how something sucks, what’s wrong with something, etc., etc.

Well, that was my take on how to create a good rant. Bye! :)

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