Rant on Lady Gaga

Now, I can make an educated guess on what you’re thinking: What’s wrong with Lady Gaga? She’s exactly the kind of variety we need! She brings all this fresh new material to the table! NO. She doesn’t. Her music isn’t new or full of variety at all. Her music is the same old tired techno-dance that has flooded the pop charts and convinced me, a once dedicated pop listener, to throw up my hands and give up. Her music is all the same. Everyone I asked about says that maybe her old stuff was cliché, but “Born This Way” will change everything. Bull. Crap. A lot of singers have made pick-me-up songs, and Lady Gaga made it as well. “Born This Way” had terrible production and a bad tune. It was also blatant in the audience target and not sensitive about it.

Anyway, I think what annoys me most about Lady Gaga is that there is no reason why Gaga should dress and act the way she does. It’s just another way to get more people to buy her albums. It makes people feel unique, when in reality they’re being about as unique as a sheet of paper. Perhaps that is way I am annoyed by her. She is in a way taking advantage of people’s desire to be their own person. Really, people, the only way to be unique is to be you. So long, and until the next rant.

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