A few people have messaged me recently that I should post more regularly, and that if I did that, I could be a much more popular blogger. I, however, will not post more regularly. My motto about blogging now is, ” Quality over quantity,” I’m tired of trying to get out an article every week and just end up rambling about how I epicly failed to complete my homework. Which brings me to the topic of this post.

I. HATE. TWITTER. I shall repeat.


The reason is simple: it’s useless. Do you know why movies are often very different than real life? Because real life is boring. Which is why I was always baffled by Twitter. Twitter is nothing but a popularity contest,  a way to show how much better you are than me. Now, we all have partaken in this contest. If you vlog on Youtube, have a Facebook, have a Quizilla, or really any internet profile, and you’ve partaken in this popularity contest. But unlike Twitter, they offer something. Deviantart allows you to promote yourself and art, Youtube allows you to show opinions,  Facebook lets you keep track of your friends, and Twitter allows you to say when you are eating nachos on the toilet.

Twitter is also a gigantic waste of money. What urks me the most about Twitter is celebrity Twitters. This is just another way for them to promote themselves. I’m sick of this because celebrities are already famous: they’re all over T.V, they’re on tabloids, and they’re on fansites. So, it’s very clear that they don’t need to be even more famous.

Now, I’m not talking about celebrities who Tweet just because they can. No, I’m talking about the ones that are paid to Tweet. YOu heard me. There are people out there who get paid THOUSANDS of dollars to post 180 characters.

I love cats because they’re so cute hahaha anyway I’m eating nachos but theyre not good cause theyve got alot of cheese and no jalapenos.

See? People get paid $200,000 to write that. Sigh….

Well, I’ve got to go. So long. And until the next rant.

Word count: 357

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