Hello! so, today me and my dad went to a sushi restraunt and he started talking about IPv6. Me, not knowing anything about computers, decided to look it up ( I was very bored that Saturday). I found this interesting site called Hurricane Eletric, which wasn’t that bad. It was actually pretty good. However there are a couple draw backs to this site.

For one thing, you have to have a lot of control over your network and servers. If you have a website in a shared hosting environment, you can’t use Hurricane Electric because you need to be able to configure a tunnel, which only a server administrator can do. For another, if you use Firewall, it can get in the way of IPv6 tunnels.

So, basically, if you use something like bluehost or EC2, you can’t use IPv6.

But there is solution. ipv6madesimple.com will allow you to add IPv6 connectivity to your site without changing anything on your backend server. Just go to their site, enter your domain name, and they’ll tell you the rest.

So, yeah… That’s how it works!

So, why does ( or should) anyone care about IPv6? Well, nothing major, we’ve just run out of IPv4 (IP) addresses. In the future, people won’t be able to get IP addresses for their websites. If we don’t take IPv6 seriously, people will be forced to share addresses. And if you still don’t care, your video games won’t work without your own IPv6/IPv4 addresses.

Scared yet?

Well, so long!And until the next post!

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