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December 5th, 2010

LOL, best blog title ever! So anyway, I wonder what I should write…..
Hm…… I am exceptionally bored today….. OOH! I KNOW!!!
Announcement: Soon, I might start a YouTube series called “Rants of a Lonely Otaku” because I failed to come up with a better name. A thousand pardons.
Anyway, I don’t have a camera for this, so until then, I’m just going to put my scripts here, some how…. I will get a camera soon, though.
So, here it is
Rant of a Lonely Otaku Preview: Stupid Trends and Popular Phrases
Hi! You know what’s the one thing a loner nerd like me never understood? Stupid trends and popular phrases like “lawl” Is too hard to say LOL, and why would you even say LOL at all? I mean, is it to much work to laugh? And what’s with trends these days? For the most part it’s mini skirts, short shorts, capris, and plaid shirts. How many plaid shirts are you willing to buy for this dumb trend and what will you do with them once they go out of fashion? Because I still remember the day when sweat pants were in style and I can’t help but wonder how parents feel about all this and what they do with the clothes later because I’m the only person who wears sweat pants, like, ever. And I never wear plaid shirts. Also, about the sweat pants, people wore those because they were comfortable and if the right ones were worn, look nice. Now anyone at school who bothers to keep up with the trends barely remember sweat pants at all. And also, every tri-mester, the trend changes. Some people don’t bother keep up at all because the trends are a waste of money and get increasingly stupid, I mean, the only one trend I like was last year’s trend with the sweat pants and tee.
Also, I only just noticed, but before Hannah Montana’s movie where she wore plaid a lot, I don’t think I ever saw or heard of someone at school wearing a plaid shirt. Is there a connection, or just a coincedence?
Next topic…. no….. not this either… this is next episode…. ah, here it is! Stupid phrases and what they COULD mean! I shall start with the basic rule of communication: chatroom phrases are for chatrooms and the internet in general, not in the real world. If you went to a job interview and said “G2G” that interviewer wouldn’t hire you, most likely because he or she doesn’t understand what the phrase “G2G” means. Next stupid phrases is “Lawl” I already discussed this in the beginning of the episode, but “lawl” is not funny, nor a clever abreviation. I use the phrase “lawl” on YouTube commebnts, but NOT WHEN I’M TALKING. TO REAL. PEOPLE. Seriously. “lawl” is a very stupid thing to say anywhere. Unless you are at an anime club or something to do with fellow nerds, “lawl” will never make you sound intelligent. Now, I know since most of my viewers are probably adults, most of you will think this: “ Hm, this little kid is using the terms “lawl” I know! I’ll use this phrase to communicate wioth my daughter better!” And this is what will most likely happen if YOU DON’T. LISTEN. TO WHAT I. AM. SAYING.

Mom: Oh, that was funny, lawl!
————————————— * What Child Heard*———————————-
Mom: Oh, that was so funny, head roll!

Because unless your child is some kind of outcast, s/he will not know what that means and will probably associate “lawl” with the term “head roll” because that is what it sounds like.

Trainer on T.V: Now, let’s move on to excersize 5: The Lawl

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say, so…. yeah. Bye! :D

Word Count: 631

Lilium Music Box

December 4th, 2010

Hey! To anybody who likes Elfen Lied or likes the song Lilium, someone is selling the music box version. I’ll include the link somewhere.

Wow, was that really the highlight of my day? How sad….. Well, I have not much else to post. K’bye!
LTS: http://www.liliumproject.com/themusicbox.htm

Word Count: 48

I’m back. Topic of the day? Diaries/journals/blogs. Wow.

November 29th, 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted. I seem to be saying that a lot recently.
Anyway, I’m bored. There isn’t much to write.

You know the funny thing about blogs? They’re a lot like diaries. It starts of fantastic, you write a lot, have a lot to say, it’s your personal bank of secrets, and then: boom. Nothing. Nada, zip, zilch. Or in the case of blogs, it starts of fantastic, you post a lot, have a lot to type about, it’s your own little record of your life. And then: boom. You typed everything about yourself that you possibly could.
See, the problem with journals, dairies, blogs, etc. is that your to obsessed and fascinated ( perhaps?) in the beginning. You think that one day you will read it and look back at your life and reminisce about all the wonderful things that happened to you. What really happens is that you write and write and write, and then subconsciously realise that your life is repetition in its purest form. And when you think about it, it kinda makes sense, because a kid’s life is really not that interesting. And once you realise ( again, subconsciously) that your life is just repeating itself, you stop writting. You probably think that you’re bored with your diary/journal/blog, but it’s just the fact that you really don’t have anything to write because your past entries pretty much all had the same basic outline: went to school, played football, lost my tooth, whatever. If you read your past journals and diaries and make a summary of each entry you wrote, you’ll probably see where I’m coming from. I can tell you that for the most part what my kindergarden journal entries were like: Drew picture at school, came home, watched T.V saw new show, never (or will) watch that show again. And then it stopped somewhere along the first 50 pages. ( I had big writting) My elementary school journals went like this: got revenge, talked to friend, school was boring, history is pointless, I hope I never see _______ again. My sixth grade journal went like this: rant on this, funny entry on that, lame drawing of something to show what it looks like, history has no point, I am never going to need to know how the Sumerians lived 3000 years ago when I’m cooking french fries at Mc Donalds.
To be honest, my sixth grade journal doesn’t repeat a lot. In fact, it doesn’t repeat, because I only wrote five entries and branched off into writting poetry, anything funny I can think of, and frequent note passing between friends. Then my second journal was purely me making up funny crap using fictional characters and bending thier personalties to make them funnier, and poetry and song writting meant purely to be a joke. Then my third journal became phonie interviews, poetry, chat among fictional characters, and whatever else Ican think of. ( Notice present tense) Yes, I have not completed my third journal, but now I stopped calling it that and am now calling it a notebook.
Well, that’s all I feel like writting about, people. Until the next post.
Word count: 519

hey! :)….. *___*

November 20th, 2010

Hey! :)

I have no idea what to write *__* So confizzled….
I don’t want to live with the guilt of wasting your time, so here’s a random poem I threw together while waiting for my spaghetti to cool. Enjoy, I suppose!
Donuts By, Risa Gilmore
The sweet pink frosting,
on a sea,
of soft sweet dough,
and what it meant to me.
The beautiful scent,
of sugar and hence:
The sugar and dough,
the filling and, oh!
The colorful sprinkles!
Like sweet tasting snow,
all packed up
in that minuscule “o”
A chocolate donut,
when made just right,
can make the dreariest of days
seem cheery and bright!
An iced donut,
if fresh and new, will taste really good;
even to YOU.
The beautiful glaze,
like a frosty sea-
oh screw it.
Just give the damn donut to me!
Wow, that thing just wrote itself!
Well, my spaghetti’s getting cold. Bye! ;)

Hi :)

November 6th, 2010

Yo! I know I’ve been gone a long time, so I’ll try to say something worthwhile. I know I can come up with something worth the wait…..
Just a second, I’m thinking……
Okay, so I DON’T have anything worth talking about. But I have a question.
Does anyone know a site with ocarina tabs? I have a six hole G ocarina. Thankies! :D

Hey, guys!

October 16th, 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. To busy with my life..
Anyway, a lot of you have been asking if I have a facebook or twitter. No, I don’t have a twitter, but my facebook account name is Risa Gilmore.
Should I get a twitter? Leave that in the comment section.
Anyway, there isn’t much to write about. I’ll post later. Bye!

Top Worst Characters Part 2

September 26th, 2010

Yes people, I have come up with more awful or annoying characters.

Sixth most annoying character is: Orihime Inoue from Bleach. She has little personality- no wait, she does have personality. A whiny, dependant personality. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Ichigo only saved Orihime because he was 1) told to and 2) if Aizen got Orihime’s power, the soul society would probably be screwed.

Seventh worst character is: Edward Cullen, from Twilight. He’s a stalker/paedophile/personality-less creep. I have said enough.

Eighth is…. I don’t have an eighth. Oh well. Later! :)

Top Worst Characters

September 26th, 2010

Today I am going to post top five worst characters. I’m figuring out how to post pics, so you’ll have to google them Sorry ^^;
Intro: I love alot of anime shows, books, and other stuff. They’re funny and/or interesting and have great characters, however, some characters you just CAN’T not rant about. Here are my Top Five Worst Characters.
Bella Swan, from Twilight. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on her because its so obvious why I don’t like her, so I’ll keep it short; she’s a Mary sue. She was instantly popular without lifting a finger. Despite all her common plain-ness five guys instantly fall in love with her right when she arrives at the school. Edward wants nothing to do with her so she doggedly pursues him. Bella has a terrible attitude towards everyone and everything except Edward Cullen, yet everyone ignores this and still tries to be her friend, not just give her a chance sort of thing, but practically fall over themselves to be her friend.
I assume that most people can contemplate the rest of it WITHOUT me explaining it.

Then there’s Torhu Honda, from Fruits Basket. She is not in any way a Mary Sue. She doesn’t have perfect grades, she’s not the most popular or pretty girl in school, so why do I hate her?
The answer is simple. SHE HAS NO. BACK. BONE.
This may not seem like a bad thing, but it is. No matter who tells her and what they tell her to do, she she does it, because their happiness is just so darn important. No matter what they’ve done, she does it because she doesn’t know whether or not she should.
She also seems to be able to understand and/or comfort everyone just by looking at them and spouting a few sweet words. This is terribly annoying because no human on EARTH has that ability.
And you know what else? No one gets mad at her! And vies versa! (sp?) The only people who EVER get mad at her is Kyo and Yuki’s fan girls. Yuki’s fan girls are antagonists, so they don’t count, and Kyo gets mad at vegetables for God’s sake.

Third is Yuki. And no, not Yuki from Fruits Basket, Yuki from Vampire Knights. She’s a narcissist. She pries into everything, no matter how private it is and no matter how desperately someone tries to hide it from her,she ignores all of this and digs into it, then acts all surprised when people get mad at her.

Fourth is Sakura, from Naruto. She never does anything, she’s a burden to everyone, even when she tries not to be, and her default response to anything bad that happens is to scream. She constantly obsesses over Sasuke, and even when he tries to avoid her, like Bella, she doggedly pursues him. She can be a total jerk and acts unnecessarily harshly towards her friends. I am in no way a forgiving person, but even I don’t punch my friends or give them severe beatings for stupid things that usually don’t even deserve a slap. If I were Naruto or whoever, I would hate her. I would more than hate her. I would completely and utterly HATE HER. And I’m sure this would be the case in real life as well.
I hope, for the sake of ratings, she gets written out of the show.

Fifth is- yep, the king of whiny emos himself- Sasuke from Naruto. He, just like Bella, is ungrateful, and he, just like Sakura AND Bella, can’t move on. Your brother killed your family. It was sad. And it was six years ago. GET OVER IT. He acts like he’s all alone in the world, despite his friends and his village, and their vain attempts to make him happy. The village desperately tries to protect him from Orochimaru, and some people even DIED to do this, nearly died, or became crippled, and yet despite all of this he ignores the lives he cost, the dreams he shattered, and the parents and friends and family he shoved into misery and sadness, and he goes straight to Orochimaru himself, and of his own free will no less.
You heard me.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Later! :)

Hey peeps!

September 16th, 2010

I finally figured out how to upload vids on my blog. Unfortuanetly, I have yet to learn how to put them all in one post.
Anyway, here’s the vids I uploaded, the people who put them on Youtube, and if I can find them, the artists. Thankies! :) – Risa G. ( That’s me!) (these are out of order)
1. Lilium- Piano version uploaded and played by, TheIshter
2.Lilium- Moka Version From Elfen Lied uploaded by, Iroha75
3. Celtic Woman- Last Rose of Summer uplaoded by, kuchkuch 992004
4. Shakuhachi Sunrise- Uploaded by, anaguak
And that’s it. Thanks for the comments! :)

4. Celtic Woman- Last Rose of Summer Uploaded by, kuchkuch992004

September 16th, 2010