Twilight Petitons

June 14th, 2010

For some weird reason I decided to boycott Twilight. For those of you who came to my blog to print out the petition to send to SMeyer, print or copy version 1 below. Version 2 is on the tab labelled T.P.2 Thanks y’all! P.S You may edit the letter as much as you like but try to keep it as similar as possible, or no one will be able to tell that it’s all the same petition.

Dear Stephanie Meyer,

You’re Twilight books are awful. They are poorly written and are filled with grammatical errors. They conveys terrible messages to younger, more impressionable readers and I speak for everyone when I say; Edward is hot. WE KNOW. We figured this out the first time Bella said it. Here are a few reasons why I dislike Twilight.

1. Bella is 16, not 60, therefore she should speak and think like she is 16.

2. You spent 1/3 of the book telling us how ‘beautiful’ Edward is. That means you spent only 2/3 of the book writing anything that might have peaked a readers interest, and most people don’t read a book or story to have 1/3 of it about how attractive a main character was.

3. You did no research on this book, which was disrespectful. In Breaking Dawn, you wrote about a vampire who was from the Amazons and was a Mapuches tribe member. One slight problem with that. The Amazons is in Brazil. The Mapuches tribe lives in Argentina and Chile. The Mapuches tribe is nearly extinct, so out of respect if nothing else, research things before you write about them.

4. Your fandom is growing out of hand. People who dislike Twilight have been called “morons”, “Mentally unsound”, “Insane”, and a great deal other things that would not be appropriate to talk about in a letter.

5. It doesn’t matter how you twist it; Edward and the werewolves are paedophiles. Edward is 100 odd years old, and Bella is 16. This is obviously paedophilia. Jacob is 16 and Renessme is, what, 5 months? Again, paedophilia.

6. The second book was over 200 pages of Bella complaining. That was unbearable. It was sad that Edward left Bella, but not so sad that Bella would have gone insane. Also, those moth pages you put are rumoured to be there so that you wouldn’t have to write much. Instead, you could have put those months in paragraphs, or better yet, just write, ” Months flew by,”

7. Bella treats her friends and father like garbage, and what’s more, she complained that her friends formed an anti-Bella club. AND, it’s disrespectful for someone to call their parent by their first name, in their face or not.

These were some of the reasons I did NOT like Twilight. Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, ________________

Sooooooooo boooooored…..

May 22nd, 2010

Bored. Outta. My. Mind. Didn’t finish story…… final exams were really clogging up my schedule but now they’re mostly over. Thank God for that.


April 6th, 2010

Didn’t get anything done. Soooooo bored. Oh, on YouTube, there are these hilarious abridged series called Yu Gi Oh Abridged and Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged. Both are hilarious. XD LOL